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Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022.
Welcome to We are the leading guide to the Bitcoin casino world. With the most extensive and unbiased collection of Bitcoin casino reviews, is your number one tool to being at the forefront of the online gambling community.
On you have access to the biggest Bitcoin casino welcome bonuses, the most rewarding loyalty programs, and the most current updates on the latest trends in online Bitcoin gaming. is your comprehensive guide to making the best of your online gaming experience.
The best bitcoin casino at the moment: BitStarz.
How to Use the Site. is an online tool we have created as an ambassador between you and the online gambling world. Use it as you like. You may start gaming exclusively with one of our top reviewed casinos and no longer use this portal, or you may return here to find promotions, gaming news, trend updates, game tutorials, and added casino reviews that are constantly updated.
Bitcoin casinos are a revolution in the online gaming industry, with the potential to improve security, ensure provably fair gaming, and offer better odds and higher payouts. Unfortunately, as you’ll come to find, the current environment for bitcoin casinos is not as stable and safe as we hope. And the great potential they offer to the online gambling world is not yet being grasped. Currently, the industry is still in the infant stages and there are plenty of online casinos taking advantage of that.
With so few gambling jurisdictions recognizing cryptocurrencies as a currency, there are plenty of online casinos popping in jurisdictions with loose licensing and regulation. There are also many online casinos claiming to have a license but in fact are unlicensed and unregulated. The issue that we see here is that though cryptocurrency is an asset protected by the blockchain, online casinos do not employ blockchain technology besides the transfers of cryptocurrency in and out of their account. So during the exchange your crypto is recorded in blockchain, but during play and operation, the casino is the sole omniscient party.
The good news is, a number of accountable gambling jurisdictions have cryptocurrency in their sights and are on the path to regulate online bitcoin casinos in the near future. When that happens, you’ll find out here.
Find everything you need to know to navigate the emerging Bitcoin casino world at
How We Choose Our Casinos.
We’ve researched and vetted hundreds of online gaming casinos and compiled them here for your easy access. We review all Bitcoin casinos listed on this site to give you an honest snapshot so you can choose the best casino for you. Not all Bitcoin casinos reviewed received top marks from us, and we’ll tell you exactly why. When reviewing casinos, our key standards include:
Best Casino Bonuses – We’re looking for the best bonuses Bitcoin casinos have to offer you. That means we don’t only look for the highest welcome bonuses, but also take into account the wagering requirements set for you to receive the best bonuses.
Best Mobile Access – We know you’re busy, so we’re busy searching for the most mobile responsive Bitcoin casinos so you can game whenever and wherever you like, right on your phone. You can seamlessly take your gaming with you.
Best Offers Including Free Spins – We constantly search for the Bitcoin casinos giving out the highest free spin offers and report them here. Because, what’s better than a free spin?
Legality & Safety of Bitcoin Casinos – We review all Bitcoin casinos listed here in terms of registration, licensing, and supervision by authorities in the industry. We also give you updated information regarding just how credible those supervising authorities are. For example, we explain why casinos licensed in Curacao may have greater risk for players. Further, we update our review process and cryptocurrency standards according to any changes made in the law that would be pertinent to Bitcoin casinos listed here. We want you to play worry free.
Security and Protection of Information – The safety and security of your data is a priority in our review criteria of Bitcoin casinos. Casinos must meet security standards and use encryption methods to secure all personal information.
Customer Support – Our standards ensure that the Bitcoin casinos that get top marks from us are committed to providing you exceptional customer support 24/7. To meet our standards, casinos must be reachable around the clock by online chat, email, and phone.
Expand Your Bitcoin Knowledge.
With you have access to everything you need to optimize your Bitcoin gaming. We don’t exclusively offer casino reviews. We’ve also collected for you the most current and inclusive information on Bitcoin casinos including news, applications, promotions, tutorials, strategies, and relevant developments.
Bitcoin Basics.
Before you start playing in the best Bitcoin casinos, we want to make sure you understand the Bitcoin system. Get a thorough understanding of how to buy and sell Bitcoin as well as how to use Bitcoin wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. We’ve covered the basics for you here.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency (a digital asset created to be exchanged that is secured through cryptography). Bitcoin allows peer-to-peer accounting with no central bank. You can think of Bitcoin like cash, but without physical limitations of distance. Bitcoin exchanges are recorded on a ledger that exists simultaneously on thousands of computers, verifying security and validity in transactions. The automation and transparency of the ledger eliminates inefficiencies and opportunity for corruption and counterfeiting. Read Bitcoin guide in Finnish here.
How are Bitcoin transactions recorded?
Bitcoin users are identified only by a series of letters and numbers 27-34 characters in length, known as a Bitcoin address. Almost all Bitcoin transactions are processed for free.
What are the benefits of Bitcoin casinos?
Since Bitcoin transactions are processed for free, online Bitcoin casinos have lower operational costs and can offer players the best payouts in the world. Online casinos that accept players’ deposits by credit or debit cards, bank accounts, or e-wallets, incur fees for every transaction done using one of those services. Many online casinos do cover this fee, buy bitcoin however some casinos in less regulated areas pawn the fee off on players by setting withdrawal fees on players’ winnings. The casinos that do absorb payment processing fees may compensate for the profit loss by reducing odds or offering fewer bonuses and promotions.
Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Casinos.
If you’re new to the online casino world, or if you’re a seasoned vet still with unanswered questions, we’ve gathered some common questions for you. We’ll cover legality, quality of casinos, safety, odds, and terminology.
If you have any remaining questions after browsing our FAQ, feel free to contact us.
Yes, playing at online Bitcoin casinos is legal. A player must simply follow the laws that normally pertain to him or her according to their location, citizenship, residency, or any other lawmaking body that has authority to regulate the player. It’s the player’s responsibility to understand the laws that pertain to him or her.
Bitcoin casinos can accept players’ deposits from almost anywhere in the world. Since there is no middleman (banks, e-wallets, etc.) you are able to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin easily, quickly, and with no added fees. Just check the terms of the casino where you’d like to play to ensure that people in your location are accepted.image

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